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An Overview of Arizona and Federal Wage Laws

Although Arizona generally follows federal wage law, state minimum wage laws are more favorable, providing a higher minimum wage, an extended statute of limitations for minimum wage violations, and the potential for employees to recover triple damages on claims for...

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Minimum Wage Violations = Maximum Penalties

Arizona minimum wage laws provide both a higher minimum wage than federal law and an extended time to bring a claim. Most important, Arizona minimum wage law violations can result in triple damages, along with an award of costs and fees. Minimum wage violations...

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More Potential Covid-19 Employer Liability Claims

The news has warned:  “A 'tidal wave' of COVID-related workplace lawsuits could be on the way”.  We previously discussed a possible wave of wage and hour claims and protected leave claims and the steps to take now: COVID-19 Related Employer Liability Claims...

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Caution: FFCRA Enforcement of Paid Leaves

The DOL has issued several recent press releases, including South Florida Truss Manufacturer Pays Back Wages..., regarding employer violations of the paid leave provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA). Employers should use this as a cautionary...

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Department of Labor Provides Updated FMLA Forms

The Department of Labor has provided updated Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms for notification of eligibility for, certification of, and designation of leave under the Act. The new forms are available on the DOL’s website.  Although employers are...

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