Executive Employment and Separation Agreements

Faulkner Law Offices has negotiated and drafted scores of employment and separation agreements on behalf of both companies and executives. With each engagement, we focus on the client’s goals and what is seminal for that particular agreement. For some clients, the primary focus may be the incentive compensation arrangement at the time of hire, while for others it may be the definition of “cause” in the employment agreement or the restrictive covenants at the time of hire or separation. Drafting and enforcing effective employment agreements is critical in any business relationship.

Under Arizona law, absent a written signed agreement it is generally impossible to bring a claim for breach of contract in the employment arena. We have years of experience drafting and handling employment contracts for professionals, executives and other key personnel, including severance agreements, which can address compensation, benefits, positive job reference, continuation of health care coverage and more.

Faulkner Law Offices can assist in negotiating reasonable terms for employment agreements, advise and defend against overbroad and unenforceable limitations or breaches of employment agreements. We can assist you in effectively negotiating, drafting and resolving employment contract matters in an effort to avoid the courtroom.

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