Employment Litigation – Trials, Arbitrations and Appeals

Clients hire us because we are trial lawyers. Faulkner Law Offices has more than five decades of combined success trying cases before juries, judges and arbitrators. The breadth and depth of our experience representing both employers and employees gives us the dual advantage of seeing the big picture before others do. Our decades of experience litigating employment law claims gives us a decisive edge at every stage of the matter. When you need someone on your side to prepare your matter, positioning it for a favorable resolution, you are in good hands with Faulkner Law Offices. We are comfortable before federal, state and local administrative agencies, the boardroom and the court room. We have litigated single, multi-plaintiff and class action employment cases for both employers and employees throughout Arizona for the past five decades.

We regularly handle cases involving the following claims:

  • Gender
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unequal Pay
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Religious discrimination and harassment
  • Disability discrimination, retaliation and reasonable accommodations
  • Retaliation
  • Whistle blowing
  • Wrongful termination
  • Constructive discharge
  • Disability and medical leaves of absence, including FMLA and ADAA
  • Breach of employment agreements, including restrictive covenants (non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secrets)
  • Unpaid wages and overtime pay (FLSA)

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