Workplace Investigations and Training

When faced with an internal complaint of wrongdoing (discrimination, harassment or whistleblowing), or in response to a request by an outside agency, companies hire us to conduct an investigation or provide advice throughout the process. An employer’s failure to promptly investigate and take corrective action can increase the employer’s liability and exposure. As experienced employment trial lawyers, we know the importance of a defensible internal investigation. We have the expertise and knowledge required to conduct a prompt, thorough and appropriate investigation. Our decades of experience representing both employers and employees provides us with the unique advantage of an overall perspective, seeing both the plaintiff and defense positions, allowing us to anticipate what the other side is thinking. Armed with this advantage, we can advise our clients proactively to leverage negotiations, often avoiding costly and protracted litigation.

This depth of experience also provides an innate sense of what to ask during an investigation. Careful planning and asking the right questions of witnesses can be outcome determinative. We are often retained not only by employers, but also by employees initiating complaints or an employee who is the target of an internal investigation. We advise these individuals of their rights and obligations and work with them to uncover and preserve evidence supporting any claims or defenses toward potential litigation.

In addition to workplace investigations, we also assist employers with regulatory compliance issues, training and often work in tandem or act as an employer’s HR department offering day-to-day employment law advice, addressing workplace policies, drafting employee handbooks, policies and procedures and preparing for audits. Having handled hundreds of claims on behalf of employees gives us a “boots on the ground” advantage when providing training to employers on issues such as harassment, equal employment opportunity or codes of conduct. Because we know what to look for in developing an employee’s claim, we know what to advise management to avoid. This dual perspective in employment law gives us unparalleled advantages when representing both employees and employers in litigation, counseling, investigations and preventative training.

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