The Industrial Commission of Arizona has officially announced an increase of the minimum wage effective January 1, 2015. Arizona’s minimum wage will increase by $0.15 per hour to a total of $8.05 per hour.  This increase is based upon a 1.7 percent increase in Arizona cost of living from August 2013 to August 2014.

Similarly, the minimum wage for “tipped” employees will increase to $5.05 per hour. A “tipped” employee is defined by the Industrial Commission as “an employee who customarily and regularly receives tips, including the occupation of waiter, waitress, bellhop, busboy, car wash attendant, hairdresser, barber, valet, and service bartender.”  Such tips must not be within the control of the employer.

Employers should update all Arizona minimum wage postings to reflect the above 2015 wage increases. If you have any concerns regarding compliance with the 2015 Arizona minimum wage increases, feel free to contact Faulkner Law Offices for assistance.