Employment Law for Individuals

Employees who believe that they have been treated unfairly need to know their rights. They need to know what legal options and solutions are available to them. Faulkner Law Offices makes sure you understand what is needed for a successful resolution. Our unique experience representing both parties — individuals and management/employers — during employment law disputes allows us to know exactly what is needed to build a strategic, successful case. We can give you a 360 degree perspective on your matter.

The Initial Consultation: Why Is It Important and What Can You Expect?

Each situation is unique. That’s why we take this time to thoroughly review the materials provided and information conveyed during the consultation process, offering expertise and guidance to navigate through the relevant facts. At this time, we will explain all options and the potential risks and benefits of each option.

We believe that you are best served by meeting face to face, allowing you to provide all relevant information to us so that we are able to answer all of your questions and thoroughly advise you of your rights. Much like a physician, you wouldn’t expect a diagnosis without an examination. The initial consultation time allows us to “diagnose” your legal claims.

The initial consultation is much more than a counseling session; it’s an opportunity to educate and advise you about the laws that may apply to your particular situation as well as to explain how the legal system works. Employment matters are always fact-intensive and often difficult. Armed with that information, you can then make an educated decision as to which option to pursue.

During this fact-finding and counseling session, safeguarded by the attorney-client privilege, we set aside as much time as needed to go over the events that prompted you to contact an attorney. We discuss your rights and options, and if you and the firm decide that further action is warranted, we will take on the additional role as your advocate to negotiate or mediate a solution. If resolution without litigation cannot be achieved, however, Faulkner Law Offices is committed to protecting your rights aggressively through litigation.

To assist individual employees, many of whom are struggling having just lost their source of income, Faulkner Law Offices offers a reduced hourly rate for the initial consultation. During the initial consultation, after exploring the facts and potential claims, should you and our firm decide that further action is warranted, a discussion regarding fees for continued representation will follow.

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