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Faulkner Law Offices is the premier law firm for your employment and business law needs. With decades of experience, our firm excels at providing timely solutions and effective results. From the very first phone call through every step of the process, you’ll get approachable, honest and skillful legal representation. We welcome challenges, complex facts and difficult claims.

The firm prides itself on providing clients with large law firm expertise at cost-effective fees. Most importantly, we are a results-oriented firm and will always be candid and up front with you about your individual legal situation. Through strong negotiation, an unwavering dedication to our clients and a solid understanding of the applicable laws, we are committed to providing the very best legal representation possible. We are trial tested and trial ready.

Faulkner Law Offices is an Arizona-based firm, serving clients statewide, including the Phoenix and Scottsdale communities. We provide dedicated and dependable legal representation to individuals and businesses of all sizes, focusing in the following legal practice areas:

Employment Law

We represent both employees and employers in a variety of legal claims, including: wage and hour (FLSA), whistleblower, Title VII (employment discrimination), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAA).

Business Litigation

Business litigation matters including breach of contract actions of all varieties.

Accident and Personal Injury Law

Faulkner Law Offices handles wrongful deaths or injuries resulting from another person’s or company’s negligence arising out of motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, premises liability and/or from the use of defective products.

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New Family and Medical Leave Act Poster Emphasizes Employee Rights

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) eligible employees of covered employers (i.e., those employers with 50 or more employees within 75 miles of an employer’s worksite) are entitled to unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family and medical reasons for up to 12 workweeks, in a 12-month period.  In addition to leave for family and medical reasons, the FMLA also provides for leave due to certain family military situations.  During FMLA leave, employers are required to provide continuing group health insurance benefits for the employee under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.  An employee timely returning from leave must be restored to their original job or to a comparable job with comparable pay, benefits and any other additional terms and/or conditions of employment. Covered employers, under FMLA regulation 29 C.F.R. §825.300, are required to post a copy of an FMLA “general notice” in every location where the employer has any employees, whether there are FMLA-eligible employees at the location or not.  While the notice can be either physical or electronic, it must be displayed “prominently where it can be readily seen by employees and applicants for employment.”  Additionally, a covered employer, that has any eligible employees at any location, must also provide each employee with the general notice by including it in their employee handbook or any other written guidelines outlining employee benefits or leave rights.  In the event that such written materials do not exist, the employer must distribute the general notice, either in print or electronically, to each new employee upon hire. For some years now, the U.S. Department... read more

Blowing the Whistle in Arizona; Different Laws Apply to Private Employers and State Employees

Employees in Arizona are protected in some circumstances against retaliation for “whistleblowing,” which is the reporting of what the employee believes is illegal conduct engaged in by the employer. Arizona has one “whistleblowing” law that applies to individuals who work for the State of Arizona and another one for those who work for a private (non-government) company. If you work for a private company (not the State of Arizona): The Arizona Employment Protection Act, A.R.S. § 23-1501 (“EPA”), makes it illegal for a private company to terminate the employment of a worker for reporting to management, a State agency or a political subdivision of the State his/her reasonable belief that the employer has violated, is violating or will violate a State law or the Arizona Constitution. The EPA also prohibits terminating an employee for refusing to engage in conduct the employee reasonably believes will violate a State law or the Arizona Constitution. The EPA does not protect Independent Contractors. Nor does it protect employees who are terminated for “whistleblowing” about a violation of a U.S. law or regulation, municipal laws or other state’s laws. Also, if the employee informed the company rather than a State agency or political subdivision of the State, the employee must have believed he/she was reporting to a member of management or a company representative who had the authority to investigate and take action. In other words, complaining to a coworker usually is not enough to trigger the EPA’s protections. The employee has the burden to show he/she made the complaint in good faith, sometimes stated as the complaint was “objectively reasonable.” This means that... read more

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